[Samba] [Solaris 8+9][ads] Is there a package built?

Avron Gray agray at aeso.ca
Fri Dec 19 18:04:20 GMT 2008

Hi folks,

Has anyone created a samba package for Solaris 8 and/or Solaris 9 with
ads support built-in?

I'm currently using 3.0.28 on Solaris 10, and it works exactly the way
that I need (using the default package that ships from SUN with the OS).
The default samba that ships with Solaris 9 is in the 2.2.12 (too old),
and I havent checked which version might have shipped with Solaris 8...

I'm hoping to find a nice little package compiled for installation on
Solaris 8 and one compiled for installation on Solaris 9.
Ideally this will be version 3.0.28 (to be consistant), but I'll be
happy with anything more recent.

If you've built your own package and are willing to share the gory
details, please let me know what you did and why!

The reason that I'm so intent on a package, is that I need to be able to
deploy this to older hosts "on a whim", without the luxury of a complete
compile from scratch on each occasion.

I thank you all for your comments and suggestions,

- Avron

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