[Samba] Printer upload problem

Nicolas HAHN hahnn at x-itools.com
Thu Dec 18 14:17:12 GMT 2008

   OK. Thanks for your help. I did solve the problem via this way: by  
using CUPS Universal postscript driver for Windows and the PPD  
provided by the printer manufacturer. Apparently this is really good  
because thanks to this:

   - I can benefit all the printer specific options without the need  
of EMF or specific print processor

   - I can benefit of accounting features

   - I can benefit of the famous "print N pages on 1" options as well  
as various recto-verso features

   I need to test this in deep, but that's working like a charm ! The  
only one option I cannot benefit is the famous "enter PIN code"  
feature specific to this printer.

   Furthermore, it makes administration easy because we use only one  
driver for all the 300 printers. The only thing which change is the  
PPD file.

   But that conduct me to another question: I need to change the  
driver name registered by cupsaddsmb command (which is in fact the  
name of the printer).

   Is there a way with rpcclient to modify printer driver name once  
registered in samba *.TDBs ? If not, we really need this feature. Is  
it possible to implement it ? The explanation is simple. Our users are  
disturb by the fact the driver name takes the netbios name of the  
printer, which are all named with a specific coding in our  
institution. But we would like to keep driver names like "HP Laserjet  
5050" for example. So we need such feature.

   Thanks again for your answer.


Nicolas HAHN
X-Itools project managerFrançois Legal <devel at thom.fr.eu.org> a écrit :

> I don't know of this particular WorkCenter model, but I had a similar issue
> with a 7328 and samba 3.2.X
> The problem is that Xerox drivers install a print processor (other than the
> ones natively available in Windows like WinPrint) which requires a windows
> machine to be run.
> I think (I don't know what is possible with samba 4 but I doubt this could
> be possible) that setting up point'n print for this kind of printer with
> samba is not possible. You require a Windows machine.
> I don't know if you have any kind of support services available by Xerox
> (that may help you solving the issue) but the only answer I could get from
> their support is "Buy the PostScript option first, then we'll see".
> I finally decided to not have the drivers uploaded to the server, and use
> the server only as a print queue and select the right driver when
> installing the printer on the client machine (with all the drawbacks that
> come along with this method like having to setup the printer parameters and
> options each time on each machine) which, I guess, is not an option to you.
> If you can get this to work with (maybe) the help of Xerox, I'm interested
> in the solution.
> François
> On Tue, 09 Dec 2008 15:25:15 +0100, Nicolas HAHN <hahnn at x-itools.com>
> wrote:
>>     Hi there,
>>     We have 4 samba print servers we use for our 3000 users. they're
>> configured to automatically distribute printer drivers to our windows
>> clients.
>>     Recently, we have added a Xerox WorkCenter 5638 monster.
>>     But we're unable to upload the driver to the samba server throught
>> print wizzard as windows admin. We've tried PCL, PCL 6, and PS drivers
>> available on Xerox web site, without success. It is still the same:
>> various alert boxes appears, some with very strange numbers (ie:
>> 040:000:0466). In samba logs, I can see several STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW
>> messages.
>>     I've tried with samba version 3.0.22 and 3.0.27, on RHEL 5.1
>> installed on x64 architecture.
>>     Furthemore, we experiment printer wizard crashes with various
>> printer drivers, and for most of them (we have almost 300 printers!),
>> we found a combination PRINTER MODEL <-> PRINTER DRIVER which finally
>> works, but it's not the panacee because the drivers don't really
>> correspond to the printer (ie: we use HP LJ 8050 driver for a HP LJ
>> 9550 printer to have things working).
>>     We really need help about this problem, and we'd like to thank by
>> advance for any help provided (or bug fix!) as this is a kind of
>> emergency for us.
>>     Thanks a lot :-)
>>     --
>> Nicolas HAHN
>> X-Itools project manager
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