[Samba] Run script ON SAMBA host - then client log in.

Deyan Stoykov dstoykov at ru.acad.bg
Thu Dec 18 09:57:09 GMT 2008

Proskurin Kirill wrote:
> Hello all.
> If it is possible to run script on samba host then client logon?
> I need run script on every client login and add as variable to this
> script clients login name and IP.

Look for "preexec"/"root preexec" in the smb.conf man page. If your 
users are doing domain logons, then you can use the [netlogon] service, 
as it is always connected at domain logon.

Use %I and %u to substitute the login name and IP address.


Deyan Stoykov, dstoykov at ru.acad.bg
University of Rousse, BG-7017

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