[Samba] Do I need a WINS server if I want to browse?

Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Thu Dec 18 03:22:46 GMT 2008

Uriel Avalos wrote:
> So why do you not recommend UPD broadcasting? too much extra network traffic? but for a small network (max 5 computers) isn't that "extra" traffic insignificant
The extra traffic is insignificant even in a much larger network (50-100 
machines) assuming a 100mbit network. Broadcast resolution is 
unreliable. With just 5 machines which don't get rebooted much you might 
never notice it, but then again maybe you will.

I run WINS on my home network of 3 machines, maybe it's not necessary 
but it takes a whole 2 lines in config files to make it work (In the 
time it took to ask if it was necessary you could have set it up several 
times over). Why not do it properly now rather than risk things breaking 

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