[Samba] Do I need a WINS server if I want to browse?

Uriel Avalos amscopub-mail at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 17 16:20:59 GMT 2008

The docs aren't clear, so don't think that I'm being lazy and want a quick answer. (I'm reading Ch 10 of the how-to)

On the one hand it says, "where there is no WINS server, all name registrations + name lookups are done by UPD broadcast." So then I don't need a WINS server.

But then it says, "Clients wishing to browse the network make use of this [DMB] list but also depend on the availability of correct name resolution..."

So then I need a working DNS setup and a WINS server (if I use a DMB) and only in the case of a DMB? Can someone clarify this for me?

Here's my setup:

* only one subnet
* mixed environment (windows + linux)
* all boxes using NetBIOS over TCP/IP (default)


* DNS is NOT working

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