[Samba] Vista roaming profiles...

Robert R. Sanders robert.sanders at ipov.net
Wed Dec 17 15:27:05 GMT 2008

I've had a notebook that came with Vista for about 1 1/2 years now.  At 
first it seemed to work 'ok' w/ samba.  Then it seemed like profile sync 
slowed to a crawl, I'm talking over 1/2 hour for 200-300 MB profile, and 
even then it would tell me my profile wasn't fully sync'd.  I recently 
had to re-install due to the hard drive dying.  I applied all the vista 
patches before trying to login w/ my user profile, and it once again is 
working fine - only a few minutes to sync.  I don't know what was going 
on, nor do I have time or experience to try and track it down, but I 
thought I'd share to see it it rings a bell w/ anyone.

Adam Williams wrote:
> vista works fine for me w/ roaming profiles.  i can send you my 
> smb.conf and LDAP entries if you wish to take a look.
> John Doe wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> after many weeks of searching/trying, I still can't manage to get 
>> vista to use/save roaming profiles with samba as PDC...
>> It has apparently worked a few times in the beginning since the 
>> profiles directories are populated.
>> Could it be related to a Vista update or SP1?
>> Here's what I did so far:
>> [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System]
>> "CompatibleRUPSecurity"=dword:00000001
>> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\netlogon\parameters
>> "RequireSignOrSeal"=dword:00000000
>> [Profiles]
>>     path = /home/samba/
>>     browseable = yes
>>     writable = yes
>>     create mode = 0600     directory mask = 0700
>>     csc policy = disable
>>     nt acl support = no
>>     read only = no
>> [Profiles.V2]
>>   copy = Profiles
>> Created /home/samba/<user>.V2 directories...
>> I have three questions:
>> 1. Anything to fix/improve in my confs?
>> 2. Do you know a good howto for Vista and samba?
>> 3. If I fix the issue, is there a possibility of overwriting my users 
>> recent local profiles with the old server profiles?   Should I empty 
>> the profiles directories first?
>> Thx,
>> JD

    Robert r. Sanders
    Chief Technologist / CTO / COO
    (334) 821-5412

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