[Samba] Failed to join domain: failed to set machine spn: Constraint violation

Alex Green Alex.Green at db.com
Mon Dec 15 18:31:53 GMT 2008

:)... it's this non-fatal error that our uses are getting confused about and it's this that I was asking for the cli option for...

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Alex Green wrote:
> Hey Jerry,
> I'm aware of that.  Due the restrictions placed within our AD
> environment, even users who have access to create computer
> objects don't have access to update the SPN or the
> host DNS name (AD record).
> Additionally, my point was more; would it be possible to turn
> off the DNS update process by means of flag, rather than
> compile time option.

Youu confused me by saying "DNS update".  Assuming now you mean
just updating the dNSHostName and SPN attributes.  This is always
required in order to support Krb5 authentication.  This is exactly
what Windows XP does.

The DDNS update you are asking about (i.e. the--with-dnsupdate option)
has nothing to do with setting the attributes.  If the DDNS update fails,
it is not fatal.  You only get a warning.

cheers, jerry
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