[Samba] pGINA and samba - authentication against LDAP userPassword field?

J Xu janix2000 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 15 14:23:05 GMT 2008


Back to a while ago, someone mentioned about taking pGINA code to samba, so samba can work against LDAP authentication, but instead of using the sambaNTPassword and sambaLMPassword, this way samba can use the userPassword field directly.

This sounds very promissing because we can then just use one set of passwords. It may be not usable in a domain enviroment where machine accounts and other complex stuff are difficult to hand. But it is perfectly okey for a single linux machine in a workgroup mode. It can even provides user authentication to other Windows box with pGINA installed and configured.

Here is the original thread discussed about this:

I am wondering where the samba team currently stand for this issue? Or is there anyone else interterested in this?



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