[Samba] Samba versions require specific Kerberos version?

Frank Burleigh fburleigh at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 02:12:53 GMT 2008

My SuSE ES 10 SP1 (32bit) and SP2 (64bit) servers have (from the
opensuse repositories) Samba 3.2.4, with the MIT Kerberos provided in
the SLES distribution.  In other words, my Samba is a little "ahead"
of the Kerberos distribution.

Is this a problem?

I ask because the winbindd log on the 64bit machine is loaded with KDC
name resolution failures (the kdc is provided by our campus ADS).
Despite that, Samba seems to be serving files correctly with users
authenticated against ADS.  This behavior on the one machine, and
little odd things on both machines, are items I'd like to at least
understand over the next few weeks.

Thanks, all.

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