[Samba] winbind oddity + character comes and goes.

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sat Dec 13 22:19:14 GMT 2008

Hello List,

EL5 -Centos5 -Samba v 3.0242
Our school Samba server works great,,,except,,on Sundays, when I go back
into school on Monday morning The home folders will not let me save
changes to an already saved file. (This is for ALL users). I can see in
the smb.log that the '+' is being added to the users name. So,,, all I
have to do is either uncomment,or recomment the 'winbind seperator = +'
line. Once I do this and save the file then restart samba then
everything works fine again.
I can reproduce this by simply restarting samba from the terminal. It
does not make any difference if the winbind line is commented or
uncommented. Simply changing it to the other makes samba work fine
I updated Samba 2 versions from the stock install of Samba on
Centos5,with the exact same results.
I'm almost afraid to try and update to yet another newer version of
Samba as this setup,,is working great,even with all of the Windows Vista
Pc's were are aquiring.
Would anyone have any ideas on what I need to change to make this
snaffoo go away?
I can not see any cron jobs on this server that ONLY runs on
Sunday/Sunday night.
As I said earlier I can see the prob in that the '+' character is added
to the users name  so doing the routine stated above circumvents this
and all is well again.

Barry Cisna

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