[Samba] Error on Samba 3.2.6 installation

Jancio Wodnik jancio_wodnik at wp.pl
Fri Dec 12 21:37:14 GMT 2008

Miguel Medalha pisze:
> When I installed Samba 3.2.6 from Sernet, I got the following error:
> /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.54116: line 2: fg: no job control
> error: %postun(samba3-3.0.32-36.i386) scriptlet failed, exit status 1
> The error happens when installing the samba and winbind RPMs.
> I got the same error when installing the previous version 3.2.5 and 
> perhaps 3.2.4. The "rpm-tmp.number" was different in those cases, of 
> course.
> Does anyone here know what does this mean and what the consequences are?
> Thank you!

The same here: centos4 and centos5 - samba rpms from sernet - i wonder, 
why this bug is still present, don't do any charm at all, but people 
from sernet probably install their rpm packages on their systems and see 
this many times (on SuSe maybe this errros aren't present ???)


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