[Samba] Password issue

Gareth Cummings gareth.cummings at globoforce.com
Fri Dec 12 13:08:39 GMT 2008


Running Samba version 3.0.22-13.18 on Suse 10.1 using a tdbsam backend 
as a PDC.

I created a new policy using the pdbedit tool (mim. password length, 
amount of times a bad password can be entered before getting locked out 
etc).  This policy is working fine apart from one issue.  Users must 
reset their passwords every 90 days.  Again this works user is prompted 
to change password and login and go's ahead and changes it and logs in.

The problem is after the user changes his password and logs in any other 
application in the users profile that uses a password to authenticate 
seems to loose their password as well...e.g. all our users would have 
Skype accounts and also be using Outlook as their mail client (not 
Exchange its a cyrus IMAP setup we are using) after changing their 
windows login Skype cannot sign in automatically the user needs to 
re-enter their password and the same goes for any email accounts setup 
in Outlook, the user is prompted for each account password again.

Anybody ever seen this before?  I presume this has nothing to do with 
Samba but something got to do with the way Windows caches passwords?  
However I have been unable to find anything on how to fix this so I am 
turning to this list in the hope someone has seen this behaviour before

Any help would be appreciated.


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