[Samba] smbd 100% cpu, can't kill

Jon Califf bannerman at rocketmail.com
Thu Dec 11 17:13:18 GMT 2008

I'm using Ubuntu server 8.10 amd64 with the 3.2.3 samba they provide. I'm using winbind for authentication. Samba is the ONLY service this box is providing for a small office (maybe 15-18 users max). I am using Backup Exec 12.5 ralus but always at night, no active users. My hardware is very overkill for my application (file server for small office, 8gb ram, Intel quad core cpu, raid 10 with 6 drives + hot spare). Every few days, a specific process (always for the same user, Richard.. darn him) goes to 100% cpu and stays there forever. I can't kill the process (it apparently just ignores me) and other users report some sluggishness accessing their files. Occasionally this will also lock his Outlook PST (access denied) until I restart the server.


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