[Samba] LDAP + Samba + Windows2003

Allgood, John jallgood at ohl.com
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My goal is to create a single sign on system so that all the user
accounts can be managed from one point. I already have all the users in
ldap posix and have several machines authenticating against it. Now I
have Windows 2003 server and Samba that I need to tie into ldap and was
not sure how best to accomplish this. My confusion is over posix versus
samba sam accounts could someone clarify that for me.


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Hi John,

I'm not an expert in this field (you can see I've thrown a lot of
into this mailing list), but I think if you just want to use ldap as
linux/samba password backend, then you don't have to build a PDC. In my
it's just happen that my domain PDC installed into the same server that
use as my openLDAP server either, but to let my other samba server to
authenticate against the openLDAP server, it's the pam_ldap and
nsswitch.conf + ldap.conf that matter (if you use RedHat, the authconfig
command and 'smbpasswd -w LDAP-ADMIN-PASSWORD-HERE will handle this for
you). Another prove is my samba server workgroups differs from that of

Other point, if you want samba to authenticate against the ldap server,
do need sambaSamAccount. Posix only affects linux or unix
And with your Windows 2003, linux samba PDC doesn't have to join your
Windows server domain if you just want them authenticating against the
server. It's your windows pcs/servers that have to join samba PDC before
can authenticate against it. But if what you meant was windows to
authenticate straight to ldap, I've never heard it before (in my case,
the PDC that confirms the authentication to the ldap as its password
- windows machines don't do that them-selves).

Well, that's my little thought. But still I don't want to misslead you.
Samba or Linux Gurus, please correct this. :)


On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 9:29 PM, Allgood, John <jallgood at ohl.com> wrote:

> Hello All
> I am new to the list and have some questions. I want to setup ldap to
> authenticate for Samba and Windows 2003 server. I have done a lot of
> research and everything seems to indicate that I will need to setup
> Samba to be a PDC and have it join the Windows 2003 server domain and
> build samba with a ldap backend. Is there another way to do this so as
> will not have to setup samba to be a PDC. I have already setup my ldap
> server using posix types accounts. Is this different that the Samba
> accounts.
> Thanks
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