[Samba] Re: samba on quad core vs dual core

Andy Liebman andyliebman at aol.com
Tue Dec 9 20:17:53 GMT 2008

> Samba will use all the cores you can give it - so long as
> you have at least more clients than cores.
> Jeremy.
While I have found that to be true in my environment, I have also found 
that MOST smbd's end up on Core 0 MOST of the time.  This is true even 
if I am hammering a 10 Gigabit network adapter (i.e., sending out 700 
MB/sec via Samba distributed to 30 users), with total CPU utilization 
only about 70 percent of one core.

Maybe this is optimal behavior.  I tried to start a thread on this  list 
a while back about understanding what WOULD be optimal, and nobody had 
much to say.

I think it would be an interesting discussion. NFS seems to make use of 
multicores in a more even way. That doesn't mean the NFS behavior is 


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