[Samba] MIGRATE SHARES always fails

Albrecht Dreß albrecht.dress at lios-tech.com
Fri Dec 5 15:20:59 GMT 2008


I have an Ubuntu 8.04 box running as Samba PDC (version 3.0.28a) with  
an LDAP backend, and I tried to migrate a share from a Win2003 server  
to the Samba box.  However, running the "migrate shares" or the  
"migrate files" commands always results in errors:

$ net rpc share MIGRATE SHARES data_share -S w2k3box -U <admin>  
migrating: [DEV_LIOS], path: D:\Freigaben\DATA_SHARE, comment: ,  
without share-ACLs
cannot add share: WERR_ACCESS_DENIED

$ net rpc share MIGRATE FILES data_share -S w2k3box --acls --attrs  
--timestamps -U <admin>
syncing    [DATA_SHARE] files and directories including ACLs, including  
DOS Attributes (preserving timestamps)
[2008/12/05 15:59:31, 0] utils/net_rpc_printer.c:net_copy_fileattr(244)
   failed to set file-attrs (timestamps):  
Could handle directory attributes for top level directory of share  
Could not handle the top level directory permissions for the share:  

The <admin> account is in the "Domain Admins" group, and has full  
rights through the group according to "rights list"  
(SeMachineAccountPrivilege, SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege,  
SeBackupPrivilege, SeRestorePrivilege, SeRemoteShutdownPrivilege,  
SePrintOperatorPrivilege, SeAddUsersPrivilege, SeDiskOperatorPrivilege)  
on the Samba a box.  It also has full access to the whole share on the  
Win server.  The destination share exists and the "Domain Admins" group  
has write access.

Any idea what goes wrong here, and how I could solve the problem?


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