[Samba] Samba 3.3.0rc1 for production server - is it save?

FC Mario Patty fcmario76 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 10:01:05 GMT 2008

Hi guys,

My samba server stop to respond many times today even though I've upgraded
the memory from 1Gb to 5Gb (it keeps eating my memory out). I've tried samba
3.0.32, 3.2.4 before, but no success. I go to samba.org and found
samba-3.3.0rc1. Is it save to use it in our production server? I'm really
desperate here. Anyway, I've been trying to rpmbuild its source code but
failed with this message (after resolved other things first in samba.spec
for RHEL)

Compiling nsswitch/pam_winbind.c
Compiling localedir.c
Linking non-shared library bin/libtalloc.a
Linking shared library bin/libtalloc.so.1
Linking non-shared library bin/libtdb.a
nsswitch/pam_winbind.c: In function `_pam_error_code_str':
nsswitch/pam_winbind.c:96: error: `PAM_AUTHTOK_RECOVERY_ERR' undeclared
(first use in this function)
nsswitch/pam_winbind.c:96: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported
only once
nsswitch/pam_winbind.c:96: error: for each function it appears in.)
Linking shared library bin/libtdb.so.1
Linking non-shared library bin/libaddns.a
Linking non-shared library bin/libnetapi.a
Linking non-shared library bin/libsmbclient.a
Linking non-shared library bin/libsmbsharemodes.a
Compiling smbd/build_options.c
The following command failed:
gcc -I. -I/home/tilangga/src/rpm/BUILD/samba-3.3.0rc1/source  -O2 -g -pipe
-m32 -march=i386 -mtune=pentium4 -D_GNU_SOURCE
-I/home/tilangga/src/rpm/BUILD/samba-3.3.0rc1/source/iniparser/src -Iinclude
-I./include  -I. -I. -I./lib/replace -I./lib/talloc
-I./lib/tdb/include -I./libaddns -I./librpc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H
-I./include -I. -I. -I./lib/replace -I./lib/talloc -I./lib/tdb/include
-I./libaddns -I./librpc -I./popt -DLDAP_DEPRECATED -I/include
-D_SAMBA_BUILD_=3 -fPIC -c nsswitch/pam_winbind.c -o nsswitch/pam_winbind.o
Linking bin/mount.cifs
Linking bin/umount.cifs
make: *** [nsswitch/pam_winbind.o] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
error: Bad exit status from /home/tilangga/tmp/rpm-tmp.52525 (%build)

RPM build errors:
    Bad exit status from /home/tilangga/tmp/rpm-tmp.52525 (%build)

I have checked build_options.c file but couldn't find the respective failed
command. I'm also curious about the line "-DLDAP_DEPRECATED". Does it mean I
cannot use my openldap for samba authentication again? It's really confusing

Thank you for your help.


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