[Samba] File permissions

mjb at SRINC.biz mjb at SRINC.biz
Wed Dec 3 17:42:01 GMT 2008


I'm running into a file permission issue.

I have a share called "data" configured simply as:

         read only = no
         path = /mnt/data

For test purposes, I have a file called "t.jpg".

-rwx------ 1 bek  bek    63793 2008-12-03 11:17 t.jpg

I'm logged in as "matt" on my local computer.  If I try to open this file, 
I can't (which is what I expected).  However, I can delete this file.. 

Based on everything I've read, the file system permissions take precedence 
over Samba permissions.  So, my understanding is that even if "write list 
= matt", but the file is owned by 
'bek', with permissions of 700, I would still be unable to 
modify/delete/read/whatever that file.  Am I wrong?

Any help is appreciated.

- Matt

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