[Samba] server change

Toby Bluhm tkb at alltechmedusa.com
Tue Dec 2 20:39:04 GMT 2008

Bill Szkotnicki wrote:
> Toby,
> I guess I am close to giving up on this but thank you for the suggestions.
> We are going to discuss the logistics of rejoining all of the windows XP 
> machines that need to have more than one id logging on.
> Do you know anything about profiles?
> I want to run the logon.bat file but I do not want the server to provide 
> a profile ( see my config below )
> Is it possible to do this without having to set the windows XP profiles 
> off with gpedit.msc?
>        logon script = netlogon.bat
>        logon drive = H:
>        logon path =
>        domain logons = Yes
>        domain master = Yes
>        preferred master = Yes
>        os level = 255
>        wins support = Yes
>        name resolve order = wins lmhosts

I've never messed with roaming or server stored profiles, so I can't
tell you this is the right way to disable them.

I set logon script = netlogon.bat, stored the script in the
netlogon share, assigned "logon drive = " and "logon path = ", drive
mounts are handled in the logon script.

The logon script section in the smb.conf man page has more details.

The profiles stay local to the machine from the onset this way, we set 
no local policy or registry settings regarding profiles. Users normally 
only logon to their own PC, we backup the local profiles through a 
separate process.


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