[Samba] Problems joining a domain with a large number of DCs

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Dec 2 17:07:15 GMT 2008

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Eric Diven wrote:
>>> I hate to drag this one up again, but I'm having issues with that 
>>> snapshot of 3-0-test (smbd crashing, can't pin it to 
>> anything).  Are 
>>> the fixes actually in 3.0.33, or do I need to get a more recent 
>>> version of 3-0-test?  I've looked at the release notes and 
>> I don't see 
>>> anything about the issue in there (just the security fix you made).
>> I believe it only included the security fix.
>>> Alternately, if I need to move to 3.2.5, I'm fine with that too.
>> This is better in the long run.  3.3.0 will be out soon and 
>> the 3.0 tree will become only more frozen.
> I looked through the release notes going back to 3.2.0, and I don't see
> anything in them matching Volker's description for those fixes.  Is
> there a bug on this I can check or something else I should be looking
> for?

This is the commit

I expect it was only a regression in the older code.  You could
ask Volker directly.

cheers, jerry
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