[Samba] template homedir question

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Dec 2 16:04:15 GMT 2008

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Derek Harkness wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm integrating an existing unix environment into an exist AD
> environment.  I'm thinking of switching from nssldap to nss_winbind but
> have one problem.  My user's home directories are in the format of
> /home/user/<$first letter>/<$second letter>/<$username>
> (/home/user/d/h/dhaknes).  Looking at the template homedir it doesn't
> appear that I can use this format.  Is there away to pull the first and
> second letters of the username as variables to use in template homedir?

No but this would be easy to implement.  The nss_info API allows
you to write a new plugin.  if you code in C, I can point you right
at what to do.  Maybe an hour's work.

> Side question, I'm looking at using pam_mkhomedir and 
> it is creating home directories for computer accounts
> is there anyway to prevent that?

Not really.  A Computer object is derived from a user object
in AD.  SO both share the same set of base attributes
(i.e. a computer is just a special type of user).

cheers, jerry
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