[Samba] template homedir question

Derek Harkness dharknes at umd.umich.edu
Tue Dec 2 15:57:40 GMT 2008

Hello All,

I'm integrating an existing unix environment into an exist AD  
environment.  I'm thinking of switching from nssldap to nss_winbind  
but have one problem.  My user's home directories are in the format  
of /home/user/<$first letter>/<$second letter>/<$username> (/home/user/ 
d/h/dhaknes).  Looking at the template homedir it doesn't appear that  
I can use this format.  Is there away to pull the first and second  
letters of the username as variables to use in template homedir?

Side question, I'm looking at using pam_mkhomedir and it is creating  
home directories for computer accounts is there anyway to prevent that?


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