[Samba] server change

Bill Szkotnicki bszk at uoguelph.ca
Mon Dec 1 17:17:52 GMT 2008

OK now I have tried copying all of the /var/cach/samba files into the 
new server ( after stopping it and backing it up ) and we still have the 
same issue.
Nothing seems yo be broken as far as I know now but
unless we unjoin and rejoin a machine a guest user can not logon.

Any other ideas?

I have turned on extensive logging but there doesn't seem to be anything 
useful  in the logs.

When the guest id tries ( windows xp ) there is no recognition of an 
attempt in the log files.

Toby Bluhm wrote:
> Bill Szkotnicki wrote:
>> Is there one particular .tdb file that is used for authentication?
>> The new server has been running now for two weeks and I am thinking 
>> that I should be careful about replacing .tdb files.
>> It is only this one issue of workstations where we want more than one 
>> userid to logon that needs solving.
> Copying all tdb files is the way you clone a samba server, which is 
> what I thought you were trying to do, basically.
> Pick an off hours time, make backup copies, test it out on a few PCs. 
> If it goes haywire, just restore the backup copies.
> You're sorta in between now. You can either do the work to move 
> forward with the current setup or try to restore the old setup. You'll 
> need to decide which way is better due to work for you, inconvenience 
> to the users, pitfalls, etc.

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