[Samba] server change

Toby Bluhm tkb at alltechmedusa.com
Mon Dec 1 14:42:50 GMT 2008

Bill Szkotnicki wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently we changed our samba server to a bigger and more powerful system ( centos 5.2 )
> The config file and smbpasswd and other passwd and group files were copied to the new server and it then assumed the same identity as the old one in the dns and ip address.
> It seems to have gone very well except we now seem to have a problem.
> There are windows XP workstations that were domain joined to the old server
> and now connect well to the new one.
> But if you try to login on one of these workstations with an ID that was not logged onto it previously it does not authenticate.
> The solution is to unjoin and then rejoin the workstation but there are a lot of them and we don't want to do that.
> Also it seems that this situation has arisen just recently and was working before on the new server and so I am wondering what could have happened earlier this week.

That info is held in the *.tdb files. Centos stores them in 
/var/cache/samba/. If the old & new server are both Centos, just copy 
them over from the old box. Stop samba first, make a backup copy - just 
in case, restart samba. The machines that you've rejoined to the new box 
will need to be rejoined again, but all others should be ok. The 
SID-to-UID mappings are in the tdb files too - it would probably be best 
to have all PCs reboot after the update - rejoin as needed.

If the distros are different I think the tdb files are compatible, but 
I'm not sure.


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