RE [Samba] samba & ldap how work group ?

franck dufau franckdufau at
Mon Dec 1 14:17:44 GMT 2008

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hye tks for answer,

libnss-ldap.conf & libpam-ldap are installed...

actualy i have modifie libnss-ldap.conf like this :

base dc=domaine,dc=local
uri ldap://
rootbinddn cn=admin,dc=domaine,dc=local
bind_policy soft

and pam_ldap.conf like this :

base dc=domaine,dc=local
uri ldap://

i have modifie too nsswitch.conf like this :

passwd:	compat	ldap
group:	compat	ldap
shadow: compat	ldap

like this win station can use samba pdc with ldap authentification
but on the pdc samba server users of domaine can NOT logging !!

ldap users are not recognized !

BUT when i do as root getent passwd result looks like OK with my users
from domaine !?!

What's wrong ?

many tanks for time and help...


Franck Dufau

Stéphane PURNELLE wrote:
> You must configure nss_ldad and pam_ldap.
> And Linux will see accounts and groups in your ldap tree same as 
> /etc/group .
> Bien à vous
> -----------------------------------
> Stéphane PURNELLE                         stephane.purnelle at
> Service Informatique       Corman S.A.           Tel : 00 32 087/342467
> at a écrit sur 
> 01/12/2008 14:43:44 :
> Hye all,
> i have install samba as PDC with openldap authentification everything
> work fine.
> But i want to create différent group with différent privileges on folder
> How gestion of group work with Openldap authentification because users
> are not in /etc/passwd and domain group are not in /etc/group !?
> I don't find information about this...
> can you help me ?
> cordialement
> Franck Dufau
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