[Samba] wpkg for Samba

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sun Aug 31 12:13:07 GMT 2008

Gary & All,

Here is an URL to download wpkg.rpm. ( i386 binary,should work on any
recent Linux distro),This will install all needed server and wpkg-client
files in one easy click:). This creates a dir at ;
Once installed drill into this dir and view the readme-wpkg for server
setup &
/home/samba/wpkg/wpkg-client/INSTALL-wpkg-client_silent-install.txt on how
to setup clients/Windows machines . These are condensed readme's ,just
trying to give pertinent info for a quick startup.


(View the README at the url for some simple info.)
You can download the RPM-GPG-KEY here and import into your yum.repos,if
you so desire to avoid the " Package is not signed" when trying to install
the rpm. Not necessary though.

For more detailed info check out:

Hope this helps,
Barry Cisna

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