[Samba] R: Very Slow!

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sat Aug 30 23:40:37 GMT 2008


I'm sure by now I'm sure you have figured out why your Samba shares are
not accessible.
Set your samba logging level to 2. You'll be seeeing "DOMAIN+user
unrecognized", in the smb.logs.

 If still not working do the following;
in your smb.conf comment out winbind seperator = +
# winbind seperator  = +
service smb restart
I've been having same probs with three different builds of Samba on my new
EL5 server.
this cures it every time. until a machine reboot.
Then i uncomment/comment out the above ,,,then
 server smb restart
Then shares are accessable again.

take Care,

Barry Cisna

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