[Samba] pam mounted shares unmount themselves after a while, sorta

Jeff LePage Jeff.LePage at asg.com
Wed Aug 27 20:58:12 GMT 2008

Hello all,


I have a samba PDC and about 20 linux clients.  The linux clients
authenticate to the PDC via pam_winbind and mount a share automatically
at login via pam_mount.


The problem is that client-side the shares seem to get into a bad state
after a while (like a day).  The share does not show up when I run df,
but it still seems to be partially mounted.   I say "partially mounted"
because I can run smbumount on the share and I don't get an error.
After I run smbumount, I can logout/login and the automatic mounting via
pam_mount will work.


This problem may be partially due to our less than perfect network.  


Does anyone have this problem, and is there a workaround?



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