[Samba] Installing Drivers into [print$]

John Baker johnnyb at marlboro.edu
Wed Aug 27 19:28:57 GMT 2008


I was looking though the easy Add Printer Wizard Driver Installation 
instructions here 

but found that it did not work.

After saying no to "Do you want to install the driver now" when 
properties comes up nothing is editable so one can't connect to advanced 
or new driver to install drivers and one never finds a place where the 
copy to server option comes up. I assume this must be due to changes in 
Windows. (The smb.conf file is right and the right directories exist and 
can be written to.)

Does anybody know of a work around or new way to accomplish this?

John Baker
Network Systems Administrator
Marlboro College
Phone: 451-7551 off campus; 551 on campus

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