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Michael Adam ma at sernet.de
Wed Aug 27 13:00:14 GMT 2008

Hi folks!

Nicholas Brealey wrote:
> On Solaris I think the best option for packages which have a directory 
> structure like:
> package/bin
> package/lib
> is to link the executables with:
> -R$ORIGIN/../lib
> (In a Makefile use: LDFLAGS = -R\$$ORIGIN/../lib)
> This means the package can installed anywhere and still pick up the
> correct libraries.
> Using LD_LIBRARY_PATH or crle is bad practice.

Well, we had the discussion of whether to use rpath
or LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or ld.so.conf) already on this
and/or the samba-technical mailing list.
(I should look up that thread...)

> James Kosin wrote:
> >-----Original Message-----
> >From: Daniel Eischen [mailto:eischen at vigrid.com] 
> >
> >>Using -rpath/-R is the norm for Solaris packages.  Samba
> >>already is built with knowledge of where it is installed
> >>and where its lib, data, var, etc directories reside.
> >>
> >>What is _not_ the norm, is having to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH in
> >>order for your applications to work.  Take a look at all
> >>the packages at sunfreeware.com - they are all built for
> >>/usr/local and, at least from hundred or so packages I've
> >>installed from there, none require LD_LIBRARY_PATH to work
> >>when their libraries are in /usr/local/lib.

Well on the other hand, in Linux distributions, 
it is considered bad practise to link using an RPATH. 
You either put your libs into /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib
or else use a ld.so.conf file.

So there are advocates for and more significantly
against each of rpath and LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

I decided not to compile with an RPATH because
at that time most people argued that this is a bad thing.

1. easiest solution: put libs into folder searched by
   dynamic linker (e.g. /usr/lib)

2. next solution: use LD_LIBRARY_PATH when installing
   to /some/package/dir (or use an ld.so.conf file when

3. modify LDFLAGS to use an rpath.

I had the plan to provide the option of linking with an
rpath as a configure option. But it is not so easy to get
it right for all supported platforms (Nicholas only mentioned
solaris and Linux...). And I did not have the time yet to
complete this in an upstream compliant manner.

Patches welcome!!

> James Kosin wrote:
> >Actually, I'll have to check to see if Michael back-ported the configure
> >option to specify the destination directory for the libraries.  The
> >default seems to be in the %prefix/lib/samba directory with many
> >packages moving them to the %prefix/lib directory and keeping the rest
> >in the %prefix/lib/samba structure.

* creation and installation of shared libs as filename = SONAME
  and symlink .so --> .so.VERSION is fixed in samba 3.2.2.
  (Bug #5592)

* splitting of libdir into libdir (for the libs) and modulesdir
  (for shared modules and such) is done in v3-devel / v3-3-test.
  This probably won't go into 3.2.X since it is a new feature
  and not really a bug.
  This will be 3.3.0 (planned for Dec 15, 2008).
Thanks for your thougths and comments.
This is much appreciated.

Cheers - Michael

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