[Samba] Re: Public share with samba/ Winbind

Andreas Ladanyi knuffiandy at web.de
Wed Aug 27 07:26:42 GMT 2008

Hi Alexandre,

i have not seen your smb.conf, but

guest ok = yes
browseable = yes (to get the share listet in the explorer)

should work.

We use "security = ads" and it works.

Is the "guest = ok" parameter accepted by samba ? Does samba run ?

You could test your smb.conf with the "testparm" program.
Type "testparm" on the command line.

Bye, Andy

Alexandre Mackow schrieb:
> Hi all,
> i have a samba dataserver who works fine with AD authentification ...
> I need a share who was accessible for everybody ( outside the main 
> domain) .. Is it possible when " security = ads" ?
> I try public = yes , guest = ok .. But i need to authentificate myself.
> Thanks a lot.
> ++

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