[Samba] Slow and unpredictable Samba performance?

Dennis Clarke dclarke at blastwave.org
Tue Aug 26 19:43:35 GMT 2008

> On 8/26/2008, Dennis Clarke (dclarke at blastwave.org) wrote:
>> smb: \backup\studio12\> get
>> SunStudio12ml-solaris-sparc-200709-pkg.tar.bz2
>> getting file
>> \backup\studio12\SunStudio12ml-solaris-sparc-200709-pkg.tar.bz2 of size
>> 1194253206 as SunStudio12ml-solaris-sparc-200709-pkg.tar.bz2 (11145.3
>> kb/s) (average 11145.3 kb/s)
>> smb: \backup\studio12\> quit
>> dclarke at aequitas:~$
>> So is that okay over a 100Mbit/sec connection ?
> Pretty danged good... but using 'get' or ftp is not a proper comparison
> to file transfer using Windows clients.
> And of course, I wasn't saying there wasn't a problem, or that 7.5-8.5MB
> was 'normal' and/or couldn't be improved upon with some tweaking... I
> was simply pointing out that it wasn't quite 'disastrous', as he
> initially suggested...

really .. I should move thousands of smaller files .. and then perhaps try
a direct gigabit to gigabit connection between two samba servers.

I could easily hook up an AMD Opteron here ( Solaris 10 ) to a Sun
UltraSparc box with point to point gigabit just to see what the transfer
rate maxxed out at. Any combination of switches and routers will result in
a lower number so .. may as well do CAT6 end to end and point to point
just to see what I get.


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