[Samba] Slow and unpredictable Samba performance?

Dennis Clarke dclarke at blastwave.org
Tue Aug 26 19:19:28 GMT 2008

>> > Unix IDs. Everything works really good. Samba is installed from the
>> > packages
>> > from Solaris 10 DVD.
>> Remove all the old CSWsamba packages.
> I already removed all the CSW packages... I installed them only to try the
> transfer rates with another Samba package.

Well you certainly picked an old crusty build didn't you :-)
Try something newer.

> So you want to say that Sun packaged Samba has some problems and that's
> why
> the transfer rates are so messed up? But how can that be possible, I mean,
> Solaris is enterprise OS... And CSWSamba problem I had is the inability to
> join ADS.


Old news.  Very very very old news.

try a new build.

see :


> I will try it, although I hate this much experimenting with the machine
> that's
> supposed to go into production :( If the stuff works I think I will need
> to
> reinstall it from scratch :(

I run software from Blastwave.org Inc. on machines with thousands of users.

> But the main question is still the same - what about Samba packaged by
> Sun?

What about it ?

How is that working for you ?

Really .. I am trying to work with you here


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