[Samba] Winbind and Global Catalog

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Aug 26 16:22:58 GMT 2008

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>   Does winbind work with a Global Catalog?

Winbind does not rely upon global catalog.  I added
some search APi recently for GC support but there are
not currently being used.

> To be more specific, I have the following scenario:
>   1. One AD Domain "GROUP" with a global catalog AD server (Windows 2003).
>   2. About 10 AD Domains "GROUP-1" ... "GROUP-10" (each Windows 2003),
>      representing 10 locations, which are joined to "GROUP".
>      This works well and every user, from each of the locations can
>      successfully use their account/profile.
>   3. One SAMBA server, which is successfully joined to "GROUP".
> I now expected that a 'wbinfo -u' would list the accounts of all
> domains (GROUP and GROUP-1, ..., GROUP-10).
> Instead I only get accounts of the domain "GROUP".
> The SAMBA server should work as an central transfer station
> between the domains. Therefore I need every account on 
> this server.

This should work in spite of GC or not.  But enumerating
users is really expensive and I wonder if you really have
to do that.  But that is another topic.

What doesn "wbinfo -m"? Sounds more like and problem with the
in forest trusts. What Samba version are you running?

cheers, jerry
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