[Samba] Samba 3.0.2x Wbinfo -t ShowslJoined, but -u and -g fail to retrieve anything

Josh Miller joshua at itsecureadmin.com
Tue Aug 26 13:46:40 GMT 2008

mark at truenorth.nu wrote:
> I'm working on troubleshooting an installation where Samba 3.0.2x is joined to the domain.  If I issue the command "wbinfo -t" it shows the secret is correct.  If issues "wbinfo -u" or "wbinfo -g" they give an error about being unable to retrieve any users or groups.

> [2008/08/25 17:16:49, 10] intl/lang_tdb.c:lang_tdb_init(138)
>  lang_tdb_init: /usr/lib/samba/en_US.msg: No such file or directory
> NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS: No logon servers (0xc000005e)

Hi Mark,

Not sure if you've resolved this yet, but how do you specify logon 
servers in your smb.conf?  Do you explicitly list them or do you rely 
upon DNS to find them?

Here is what a successful run of the same command issued by me on 3.0.30 

 > ntlm_auth -d 10 --username=<username> --domain=<domain>
[2008/08/26 06:39:49, 5] lib/debug.c:debug_dump_status(391)
   INFO: Current debug levels:
     all: True/10
     tdb: False/0
     printdrivers: False/0
     lanman: False/0
     smb: False/0
     rpc_parse: False/0
     rpc_srv: False/0
     rpc_cli: False/0
     passdb: False/0
     sam: False/0
     auth: False/0
     winbind: False/0
     vfs: False/0
     idmap: False/0
     quota: False/0
     acls: False/0
     locking: False/0
     msdfs: False/0
     dmapi: False/0
[2008/08/26 06:40:00, 10] intl/lang_tdb.c:lang_tdb_init(138)
   lang_tdb_init: /usr/lib/samba/en_US.UTF-8.msg: No such file or directory
NT_STATUS_OK: Success (0x0)

To troubleshoot the missing logon servers, if you search via DNS, try a 
manual search from the host in question with the following:

host -t srv _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.<insert realm here>

Or you might list your DCs and see if that makes a difference.

Also, what is the output of 'net ads testjoin -d 3' ?

(If you continue to have issues, please post a sanitized smb.conf.)

Josh Miller, RHCE/VCP
Seattle, WA
Linux Solutions Provider

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