[Samba] smbclient 3.2: smbc errno NT_STATUS_OK -> 22

Collin Monahan cmonahan at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 22 03:41:38 GMT 2008

As I was upgrading other things, the Debian package management system required me to upgrade Samba, from 3.0.24-6 to 3.2.0-4.

All the sudden it quit working, which means I can't run an smbget or smbclient will allow DIR and CD but not GET. Either way with the new version I get (debugging on at level 10)
smbc errno NT_STATUS_OK -> 22
followed by
Can't read 64000 bytes at offset 0, file smb://...
Am I the only person still downloading files from Win'98 shares?

I tried downloading & compiling the latest version from samba.org (3.2.2) and it seems to have the same difficulty. Then I downloaded and compiled the older version posted there (3.0.31) and that works, same as it used to. Also fortunately it seems I can use it without having to install it, so the package management system doesn't have to be out of sync with what's installed, nor do I have to downgrade.

Hopefully someone could point out a ./configure or runtime configuration step that I missed for interfacing with the Win98 shares, using samba 3.2, otherwise it seems like a bug from my perspective.

Collin Monahan


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