[Samba] LDAP: sambaDomainName added twice after boot

Patrick Ben Koetter p at state-of-mind.de
Wed Aug 20 10:31:08 GMT 2008

I've set up a Samba Server using OpenLDAP as backend.
The sambaDomainName is "JOJO". When I reboot (not upon restarting the samba
services) a second sambaDomainName, "SERVER", entry is added automatically.

The hostname of the machine running the Samba services is "server". This makes
me think that there's 'some' connection between the hostname and setting an
aditional sambaDomainName.

I am by no means a Samba expert and I haven't experienced and problems yet,
but a voice in my head says the second sambaDomainName entry shouldn't by

Should it? If it shouldn't what would I need to do to stop this?

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