[Samba] samba 3.0.28, directory name is garbled.

Evans, Bill bevans at fhcrc.org
Mon Aug 18 18:19:12 GMT 2008

Sun Solaris	5.10
Samba			3.0.28 (latest SUN supported version)

We are currently running Totalnet Advanced Server TAS (for cifs
services) but plan to replace this with SAMBA.

Has anyone see this problem?  I am opening a ticket with SUN also.

from the UNIX command line

cd /export/userdir/project dir/sub dir /file-excel.xls  
( yes, there are spaces in the directory names and a trailing space "

>From a PC client, XP sp2

TAS mapping:   \userdir\project dir\sub dir\file-excel.xls  
[ note that the PC does not show the trailing space but allows access to
the directory ]

SAMBA mapping: \userdir\project dir\2D8YHS~L\file-excel.xls 
[ note that the PC shows a garbled directory name but allows access to
the directory below]

At some point we may go to open source to get the latest version, but, 
management wants to stay on SUN supported versions if possible.

Bill Evans

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