[Samba] samba + acl

bikrish at aim.com bikrish at aim.com
Mon Aug 18 12:17:40 GMT 2008


I am using samba 3.2.1 version on centos 5.2 with ldap. Everything is working fine as i expected. I have shared a share , say , NOA on samba server. 
Now i log into windows and access the share and tried to give rights on share by right click > properties > security . I want to give a group call noag only read , write and but no permission of delete on share NOA . I have a group who can full access to the share NOA. I right click on it , use security tab to give only read permission , it works fine, but when i select? all the options except delete and full control and click ok , it chages to full control , which is what i don't want. I am searched a lot but couldn't find the solution. Is there any solutiont for this or this is not possible in samba.

Thanks in advance


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