[Samba] browselist incomplete after time ( expire_old_servers )

Michael Mohn mailinglists at uberleet.de
Sun Aug 17 16:46:34 GMT 2008

Hi everyone,

i have a strange problem:
when samba is started everything is fine until about an hour after  
that point when "expire_old_servers" does its cleanup-job.
then a lot of clients get deleted from browse.dat and are only coming  
back on samba-restart.
i have been googling for about 2 days now and have only found archived  
questions to that subject without anwers.

hopefully i don't waste your time.

system is: debian 4.0
samba-version is: Version 3.0.24

configuration does not seem to matter a lot - i have tried all sorts  
of config-files with and without wins-support turned on.

so, what could be the source of the problem mentioned?



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