[Samba] Typo in man mount.cifs - who maintains ?

David C. Rankin drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Fri Aug 15 15:10:06 GMT 2008

Samba Team,

	I'm looking for Steve French's contact info concerning the man page for 
mount.cifs. There is a small typo to report (double-"the"):


  If the CIFS Unix extensions are negotiated with the server the client will
attempt to set the effective uid and gid of the local process on newly created
files, directories, and devices (create, mkdir, mknod). If the CIFS Unix
Extensions are not negotiated, for newly created files and directories instead
of using the default uid and gid specified on the the mount, cache the new
file´s uid and gid locally which means that the uid for the file can change
when the inode is reloaded (or the user remounts the share).

	I checked the samba-cifs page, but could find his contact. Could somebody 
please forward this to him. Thanks.

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