[Samba] [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.2.1 Available for Download

James Kosin james_kosin at cox.net
Wed Aug 13 10:52:35 GMT 2008


I believe one of the reasons why noone seems to want to back-port the 
changes in the 3.3 branch to the 3.2 branch is because the changes are so 
dramatic.  Granted, they do seem to be needed and they are benificial to the 
At the same time; I don't believe someone should have to always wait for the 
packages to get built or have to stray to terrible lengths to get the shared 
libraries for samba to run properly in the system.
I've started another patch that is a bit less dramatic in changes.  I 
believe we can get away with a few changes to the 3.2 branch without making 
such sweeping changes to the make and install process.
In the end, I hope both source builders and packagers alike will like the 
compromise without going straight into the experimental development branch 
right away.

Thanks for the excellent information.
James Kosin 

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