[Samba] pdbedit will only add users to the local machine domain, not the global domain - SOLVED

John T. Guthrie III guthrie at counterexample.org
Wed Aug 13 00:55:22 GMT 2008

I wrote:
> Hello all,
> When I try to add a user to my secrets.tdb file on my Samba 3.2.0 PDC, the
> users are always added under the local machine domain, not the global domain.
> That is, if my PDC machine name is srv1, and it is PDC for the domain DOM1,
> then whenever I add a user using "pdbedit -a -u username", then that user
> gets placed under the local domain SRV1, not the global domain DOM1.  So my
> first question is how to I get accounts to appear under the global domain,
> DOM1?

Okay, the problem turned out to be PEBKAC of sorts.  It turns out that I had
placed an old config that wasn't set up for a PDC back into place.  The
lesson here is that if your accounts are getting added to the local domain,
and not the global domain, then check whether "domain logons" is set to yes.

My apologies for the noise.

John Guthrie
guthrie at counterexample.org

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