[Samba] Removing account/passwd synchronization requirement

Jeremy Evans Jeremy.Evans at pertronic.co.nz
Tue Aug 12 19:48:47 GMT 2008

As I see it, you have (at least?) 2 options:

1) Set up Samba as a Domain Controller so that your XP machines can be
authenticated via the Samba server by joining the domain. The Samba DC
then holds the master user list.

2) I'm assuming in this case that you'd simply like to use a different
user name than the logged-in user to access shares, etc on the Samba
machine. In XP, under the "User Accounts" dialog off Control Panel,
there's a "Manage Passwords" option on the "Advanced" tab that lets you
set up a username/password combo when accessing a remote machine.


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> I have a basic samba server up and running. My XP clients I can only
> connect to the samba share if have identical account names / passwds
> both the XP client and the linux server. How can I eliminate this
> requirement so that an XP user can log into any valid account on the
> linux server and connect to the samba share ?
> Thanks
> Henry
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