[Samba] HPUX and Samba 3.023 question

Eric Roseme eroseme at emonster.rose.hp.com
Tue Aug 12 15:36:16 GMT 2008

Casey Dearcorn wrote:
> I am sorry if this sounds dumb, but I am sort of a newbie with samba.
> We have upgraded our active directory domain servers to 2008 and samba
> 3.07 will not bind to the directory anymore.  I have been told that I
> need to upgrade past 3.022 in order to make it work?  First of all is
> this true?  Second, when I went to install it and run it there is an
> error that it can not find libldap-2.2.so.  I am assuming this is for
> the HPUX IXOPENLDAP, but I am not sure.  In either case I can not find
> this version to install.  I don't want to mess my box up, but I would
> like to get my samba running correctly again.  Can anyone give me any
> advice or information?
Hi Casey,

Are you using HP CIFS Server or Opensource Samba?  I am guessing from 
the library error that you were using CIFS Server and then tried to 
install and run Opensource.  What HP-UX version are you on?

If you are compiling/using Opensource, then you need to update past 
3.0.28, so you might as well get 3.0.31.  You will also need to install 
OpenLDAP to get the libraries.  Go here and read the README: 

If you are using HP CIFS Server, then the latest version is based upon 
Samba 3.0.22a with fixes ported in from later versions up to 3.0.25a. 
So it does not have the fix for joining a W2008 domain with "security = 
ads".  You can join W2008 with "security = domain", though.

Eric Roseme

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