[Samba] Samba just died? smbd/sec_ctx.c:set_sec_ctx(241)

Lars Mueller lmuelle at suse.de
Tue Aug 12 15:13:14 GMT 2008

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 07:35:45AM -0500, David C. Rankin wrote:
[ 8< ]
> 	That is the mystery. A further look at syslog shows that the shutdown 
> occurred as part of the package update (at Aug 10 00:01:47):
> Aug  9 23:42:25 bonza sshd[13848]: Accepted publickey for david from 
> port 51503 ssh2
> Aug  9 23:59:39 bonza sudo:    david : TTY=pts/1 ; PWD=/home/david ; 
> USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/zypper up
> Aug 10 00:01:47 bonza sudo:    david : TTY=pts/1 ; PWD=/home/david ; 
> USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/zypper up -t package
> Aug 10 00:15:04 bonza syslog-ng[2875]: STATS: dropped 0
> Aug 10 00:24:13 bonza shadow[16389]: group already exists - group=ntadmin, by=0
> Aug 10 00:24:15 bonza nmbd[2944]: [2008/08/10 00:24:15, 0] 
> nmbd/nmbd.c:terminate(58)
> Aug 10 00:24:15 bonza nmbd[2944]:   Got SIGTERM: going down...

Nothing more?

> 	The bigger questions is why, during an update, did the package manager 
> fail to restart smbd or nmbd? I'll pass this along to Lars as well. May be 
> a package problem.

There had been no changes to the call of the %restart_on_update macro
from the %postun script of the main samba package since four years.

Also I've not seen any complain in this regard.

And after I messed up a bit once in the past the guilde line is to keep
the scripts as simple as possible.

> On all previous updates the services have automatically 
> been restarted, I guess by the post-install script. That didn't happen 
> here. There was no problem with the config, I just issues a simple rscmb 
> restart and (1) found out smbd wasn't running, and (2) it started without 
> any problems or warnings. So it looks like the start command was never 
> given after package update.

Due to the nature of how the %restart_on_update is constructed it should
be(tm) impossible to stop a service without starting it again.  The
implementation of the %restart_on_update utilizes the try-restart case
of the init scripts[1].

From now anything is guessing: The process got the TERM signal but
failed to finish. As the port was still in use the (re)start failed.


[1] try-restart(LSB) is equivalent to condrestart(RedHatish systems).
Lars Müller [ˈlaː(r)z ˈmʏlɐ]
Samba Team
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