[Samba] dos dir list issues

srinivas aradhyula ahvs at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 11 22:08:45 GMT 2008

i have a samba running on the linux file systems.
from a windows box i mapped(z:)  to the linux file systems.
from the command prompt when cd to z: and make a dir 
the output  is not sorted by the name where as on linux it is coming fine.
dos ex:
Z:\5_8_0_5\Base\TravelersCL>dir *.sql Volume in drive Z is oracle Volume Serial Number is 7B2F-0877
 Directory of Z:\5_8_0_5\Base\TravelersCL
08/11/2008  05:14 PM             2,401 6000_COMPILE_STATUS.SQL08/11/2008  05:14 PM               115 1000_DB_ENV.SQL
from linux
[oracle at rhel_srini TravelersCL]$ ls -l *.SQL-r-xr--r--  1 oracle oracle  115 Aug 11 17:14 1000_DB_ENV.SQL-r-xr--r--  1 oracle oracle 2401 Aug 11 17:14 6000_COMPILE_STATUS.SQL
why is the sort order different for the client

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