[Samba] High Cpu usage

Jason A. Nunnelley jason at jasonn.com
Mon Aug 11 20:00:13 GMT 2008

Alex Montoanelli wrote:
> In my /var/log/messages i see this message, but i dont know what is, and
> what i neet to do.

This is not a high CPU use issue; it's a crash.

It's a segmentation fault, which means something crashed in samba.

You need to isolate the problem by tuning up your logs, isolating the 
problem, and removing it from the daemon's behavior.

Do you have a script of the install?  Or, do you have more logs?

1) How did you compile or install the program?
2) Provide your smb.conf.

Are you running Kerberos?  I don't know what cache is causing the 
problem, or why it's crashing from these logs, but I can tell you that 
you need to provide more information for the list to help you out. 
Someone may be able to explain it based on personal experience, but you 
can dig up more dirt.


Jason N

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