[Samba] Machine-level shares on Windows server

Jeremy Evans Jeremy.Evans at pertronic.co.nz
Sun Aug 10 19:41:53 GMT 2008

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> Jeremy Evans wrote:
> > I've found that I can't access the share (or even get the
> > list of shares as in the examples below) using the -P
> > (--machine-password) switch, so I get the choice of
> >
> > $smbclient -P -L //sbs
> > Failed to open /var/lib/samba/secrets.tdb
> > ERROR: Unable to open secrets database
> You don't appear to be root.  Secrets.tdb is rw for root only.

I realise that. I *did* give a 2nd example in my original post:

$sudo smbclient -P -L //sbs
ERROR: Unable to fetch machine password

"net ads testjoin" returns an OK result at my end & the PDC shows the
machine as joined to the domain at the other.

What I don't seem to be able to find out is just how the Windows PDC &
Samba interact to ensure that the Samba machine is a [trusted?] member
of the domain & therefore how to use that fact to allow machine-level
shares without having to perform a user-level login. 

Thx, Jeremy

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