[Samba] Printer driver interface different

Matthew Forrest mforrest at ryerson.ca
Fri Aug 8 18:57:40 GMT 2008

Hi there, I'm having a wierd problem where the driver for one printer  
displays a different UI from a samba server, compared to any other MS  
machine sharing the same printer.  I'm running an ubuntu box with  
samba 3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.4.  The printer is a Ricoh Afficio 5560.

I've tried copying the driver files from a win2k3 server to my samba  
box and installing the driver manually with rpcclient.  The UI still  
has the same problems.

A workaround is to set "use client driver = yes" but then I have to  
install the driver myself on all the clients.
Is it possible to set this for just one printer?

Any ideas on what's going on, or what I should look at to resolve this?


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